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Casual Friday

Casual Friday

Hello Hello!

You may have noticed that the blog has a new layout! As one is constantly changing and improving, it seemed to me rational to do the same with the blog, which after all, is a reflection of my personality. Chances are it will keep changing with me, hoping it will always be for the better. 

So, a couple of days ago, I was just changing the design of the blog when Renato called me to say that he was outside and that he invited me for a walk. I found a shirt of his and I built this casual Friday look in a couple of seconds.

Following the boyfriend trend that consists in wearing bigger clothes, like borrowed from your boyfriend, I put on Renato´s T-shirt which, indeed, was very large so I gave it a little shape with a high waisted skirt and I tried to give him touches of color with my accessories.

The day was so beautiful that we decided to go to the German Club and have lunch at La Fábrica, one of our favorite places to have delicious healthy lunch. These are some of the photos we made at the Club! I hope you like them.

What did you think of this casual Friday look? What style would you give to a t-shirt like this?


I hope you liked the new blog design too! Suggestions are always welcome.

WEB alba-mediafirma negra

Skirt: Mango

Purse: ALDO

Boots: ALDO




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