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Salto Cristal: First Adventure of 2017!

Salto Cristal: First Adventure of 2017!

With the end of the year always come the famous New Years resolutions and for this 2017 we set out to travel more! Especially to discover a little more about our beautiful country and see the natural wonders it has to offer.

So the first free weekend we had, we set off!

Our first adventure of 2017 was to Salto Cristal, located in the Department of Paraguarí. It is a perfect place for adventurous, nature lovers.

It’s a bit difficult to get there so I’ll explain how.

It is approximately 160 km from Asunción. You take Route 1 until you get to Carapeguá, then turn towards Acahay and take the road that goes towards La Colmena, following the roundabout you will go to downtown La Colmena and by the exit on the right you will go to Escobar. Take the exit on the right, after about 7 km on the road to Escobar., you have to enter a private property! You can see a sign that says “AZPA – Salto Cristal” that is followed by a dirt road about 9 km. approximately until you reach your destination!

You have to pay gs 20.000 to get inside. That´s about USD 4.00

It is relatively difficult to get there but they have managed to build a staircase that facilitates a little bit the way. I recommend not to go with very small children because they can fall or get tired pretty fast.

Some extreme sports can be done in the place, they are: papel, snorkel, and climbing.

The place is beautiful and has a whole different and unique microsystem down there. The air becomes more pure and fresh and the colorful butterflies dance among the people who are making their way to the jump.

There are parts that do not have steps and you have to climb like this.

You can put tents for the night and rent grills for a good barbecue. We ate grilled hamburgers and, in the middle of lunch, it started to rain a lot.

We had to run back about 400 meters until we got to the car. It was an incredible and fun adventure !!

This is the dirt road after the storm! My recommendation is not go in low vehicles because they will not be able to pass. And look at the weather forecast in advance! Haha We already knew it was going to rain but we decided to go anyway.

This is how our first adventure of 2017 ended !! And we are already looking for a new destination so, if you have any suggestions, you can leave a comment below!

What did you think of the place? What other place would you recommend?

I hope you liked the photos and that it served a bit our personal experience.

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