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DUBAI – Mi experience in the Arab Fashion Week

DUBAI – Mi experience in the Arab Fashion Week

My trip to Dubai was full of surprises! I owe this amazing experience, initially, to Renato for encouraging me to grow and supporting me in all my endeavors, and to the Paraguayan designer, Ilse Jara for . That, as you may already know, was presenting her Cristalythe collection at the Arab Fashion Week.

It all started with the desire to go to cover Arab Fashion Week as a fashion blogger and influencer. Once accredited with press passes and with my ticket in hand, I met with Ilse and she told me that she wanted me to walk for her in Dubai. As the organization is very strict, they needed me to present my portfolio with natural photos (selfies with the cell phone) and a video walking for them to give me the ok. So one day before traveling, while I was packing my bags with all the looks armed to attend the fashion shows, I started to make the video and pictures as requested.

I did not pay much attention to that and did´t get an immediate response. (The agency must send that to the client for them to accept)

On my way to Dubai, in Sao Paulo, they write from the agency saying that they liked my profile very much and that they were interested in participating in more shows!

So my plan to go out during the day and attend the parades at night had to change!

Our days started early in the morning, with castings and fittings starting at 8:30 am. There, the designers would choose their models and fit their designs.

The good thing about being all day in the same place is that it gave me the opportunity to make good friends from all over the globe!

I want to emphasize that during my busy days, between fittings and shows, my cell phone battery lasted perfectly. And I used my social networks, listened to music and talked to Renato whenever I could!

After the castings and fittings, there was a lunch break and we went straight on with rehearsals for the shows that night.

This is a photo of the catwalk in the morning.

At the end of the rehearsals, we went straight to hair and makeup for the first shows of the night and that was how our day went.

They were quite busy but extremely satisfying days!!Here you can see some pictures that were exposed in the showroom and that I loved.I documented all my experience and trip through the eyes of my Huawei P10.

I really loved to photograph with this phone while traveling, because the photos had a professional look, but without the need to have a heavy device with me.The Huawei P10 is a perfect ally for travelers looking to take the best photos, because it is much more comfortable to walk with the cell phone than with a professional camera.

These are some of the shows I walked! (Not with my cell phone lol)

I am so happy I had this incredible experience and met beautiful souls along the way! From going as a fashion blogger, I ended up walking for 12 designers! Among them, important fashion houses like Marchesa, Renato Balestra, Laura Mancini, Laquan Smith, and our great national designer, Ilse Jara.

As I mentioned at the beginning, all this would´t have been possible without the intervention of Ilse and the unconditional support of Renato.

Thank you so much to both of you!! And special thanks to you, too, for reading me. 🙂

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