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María Reina – Capsule Collection Launch

María Reina – Capsule Collection Launch

Last week, María Reina presented her new collection called Sofia.

Sofia is a Capsule Collection, which means it is within a season line but is identified with some type of adjective. These collections are usually small and have about 20 different pieces approximately.

María Reina´s collections are characterized by being inspired by women who made history, women recognized that stood out for their vision and style. And this time they introduced Sofia.

Sofia is sophisticated, sensual, elegant and ultra feminine, designed for the modern woman. This Capsule Collection has a color palette of wine, black, pink, burgundy, and a divine print that integrates the colors and adds personality.

So, this is how we lived the launch!

*This picture was taken with my Huawei P10

For this event, I opted for a total María Reina look! I put on this beautiful black velvet slip with lingerie from the Sofia collection.
*This picture was taken with my Huawei P10

It was a beautiful night where I could share with women who really stand out for their vision and style. True queens! LOL

Needless to say, I was delighted with the new collection. And you, did you like the capsule collection of María Reina?

Would you like me to do more launch coverages? Leave me your comment below!

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Total look: María Reina

Choker: Bardot


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