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Good bye 2016

Good bye 2016

We have officially gotten to the last day of the year! And if you are like me, you probably haven´t decided what to wear tonight to receive the next year.

Personally, I have decided that I do not want to wear white this year. This opens up many other options to me. If you want to dress a bit different this year and are a bit hesitant about it, let me help you with some ideas, like this one, with see through fabrics, or this option with metallic accents.

Are an excellent option! A crypt top along with a high waisted skirt will give the effect of longer looking legs, which makes you look taller. #Supertip!

Another #superTip! Wear shoes of your same skin tone, it will also make you look taller. This is an excellent ALDO option!!

Wear a bit of see through fabric. Just keep in mind that it must be in the right measure, without showing too much.

How about you? Would you use this set to receive the year? Are you ready to party tonight?

I can´t thank you enough for reading the blog and supporting me in this new venture.



Happy Holidays! I wish you all the best for 2017 and let it be our best year yet.


Dress: Simona

Shoes: ALDO

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