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¡Fashion Bloggers visitan Monalisa!

¡Fashion Bloggers visitan Monalisa!

This edition is very special to me because it was my first photoshoot for a magazine, as a fashion blogger!

The photos were done a couple of months ago, when I was just beginning to enter this wonderful world of weblogs (better known as blogs) and was very important for me to collaborate with bloggers with such experience and trajectory.

For this edition, Monalisa picked two Paraguayan and two Brazilian bloggers.

alba riquelme monalisa

Representing Paraguay were Puppa and me! From Brazil, we were joined by bloggers Pamella Ferrari and Nathalia Kirilauskas. The girls were so nice and we really got a chance to get to know each other despite the small drawback with the language barrier. 

Unfortunately, this is the only picture I have of us four.

alba riquelme monalisa

We were in the middle of winter! And we started doing the photos very early in the morning so the temperature was quite low. But this did not stop us from giving our best!

Earlier in the morning, we passed by the Monalisa store in C.D.E., there we had our makeup done by the professionals who attend the makeup stands and help you do the shopping. Impossible to come out empty handed!

alba riquelme monalisa

Monalisa magazine includes a brief interview of each one commenting personal experiences and tips to make purchases in the store. You can find the magazine in the stores of Monalisa de Asuncion and Ciudad del Este !!

So, what did you think of this production? Do you know any of the foreign bloggers?

Blue dress: Mmissoni

Red trench: Red Valentino

Black dress: Valentino

*You can find all these looks in Monalisa



Ph: Lufre

Styling: Victor Borges

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